Full bellies, healthy kids.

We’re painfully aware that every day in America kids go to bed hungry. That is never ok. We want to see smiles on kids’ faces, so we actively work to address hunger and food insecurity.

Snack smarter with Zee Zees


Of our annual earnings are donated to organizations that alleviate food insecurity


Hours volunteered by employees in 2021


Servings of Zee Zees are donated every year


Zee Zees backpack kits filled with school supplies packed for students in need

We volunteer

Zee Zees is committed to helping food insecure families. One of the ways we help is by volunteering at local food banks, helping to prepare meals kits for families in need.

We take action

The presence of the Project Serve logo on Zee Zees packaging indicates that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to help feed families in need.

Interested in donations from Project SERVE?

Project SERVE is our corporate social responsibility strategy where we pledge a minimum of 5% of our earnings, along with our time and talents to help make food more accessible, provide opportunities and resources for individuals seeking a career in the food industry, and supporting our global environment.

We get many applications, so you will be contacted only if there is more interest. Only registered 501c3s will be considered. If you are a social media content creator, please fill out a Z Team application here.

Donation Application